First Semester of PA school : Completed!

First Semester of PA school : Completed!


Holy moly. What a semester it has been! I can't believe it! Here's a recap of what went down since PA Week in October. Also, here are the classes this past semester: Adult Medicine, Pharmacology, Pathophysiology, Pediatrics, Structure & Function, Health Promotion Disease Prevention, Clinical Skills, Physical Assessment, Inter-professional Education and Medical Terminology.



| OCTOBER 15, 2017 | My grandma is a Chinese Opera performer and it was her very last show! Growing up, she would include me in little sections of her show; full-on Chinese opera costume and all! I think I get my stage boldness from her quite honestly, I mean, look at those splits! She's so amazing!


| OCTOBER 20, 2017 | So Adanna the PA invited me and a couple of other Minority PA students to speak our minds about the minority experience. So honored to be featured! It was my first time - in a long time playing around with YouTube. Maybe I'll experiment with more videos this year!


| OCTOBER 26, 2017 | Some of us went out after a grueling week of quizzes and exams! It was a much needed night- went to Downtown Fullerton to get drinks and danced the night away. Man, can these PA-Ss DANCE! I loved their energy!


| OCTOBER 28, 2017 | Assembly member Freddie Rodriguez - Women's Health Fair. Some of us volunteered our time to perform blood pressure checks, hand grip tests and educated attendees on the importance of diet and exercise. I had the honor of checking the Assembly member's blood pressure and hand grip! I was so nervous  since my professors were watching the encounter- but I fell back on what I knew from my past jobs and just connected with a fellow EMT :)


| OCTOBER 31, 2017 | Happy Halloween from WesternU's MSPA 2019! We had so many costumes!! WesternU also held a campus-wide costume contest and the 1st and 2nd place winner went to our class! 1st place was Jack Skellington and 2nd place was yours truly - Sumo Mona (Pseudomonas) lol special thanks to Picmonic for the inspiration.  


| NOVEMBER 8, 2017 | BRUNO MARS. What an amazing concert - can't thank my partner enough for these tickets! 2 weeks leading up to this, I was so anxious about the huge Adult Med Cardio exam scheduled for the day after this concert. It's all about prioritizing your time! I studied really hard the weekend before and enjoyed every minute of this concert! Earned a high B on that exam too!


| NOVEMBER 11. 2017 | Instagram brought us together! This is James Kim, PA-S! Also known as @freshprinceofhealthcare! He was in LA at a local lounge and we made this happen! So fun to meet Instagram friends in real life!


| NOVEMBER 13. 2017 | Kaiser Permanente Minor Surgery Workshop! We finally got our hands on sutures and pigs feet! We were taught by PA-Cs from Kaiser on how to excise, punch, cryo, cauterize, etc. I definitely need more practice with suturing lol. 


| NOVEMBER 24. 2017 | BOTOX for my BRUXISM. What is Bruxism? In short, Bruxism (BRUK-siz-um) is a condition in which you grind, gnash or clench your teeth. If you have bruxism, you may unconsciously clench your teeth when you're awake (awake bruxism) or clench or grind them during sleep (sleep bruxism). I unconsciously clench DAY & NIGHT - to the point where my dentist told me she saw fine crack lines in my teeth. With much research and I decided on Botox. I will do a separate post on my experience soon! 

*This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. 


| DECEMBER 1, 2017 | Celebrated 5 years with my partner in Ojai Valley Inn and Resort! This staycation was incredible! I'm so thankful for my partner :) A much needed getaway from school- even for a day or so. 


| DECEMBER 3, 2017 | Still in love with my 10.5 inch iPad Pro with Pencil and the Notability app. I'm making a video on how I take notes and study soon! Went to a cafe in Tustin, CA called Bardot to study. A nice change in environment! Soon after,  my best friend's gender reveal party! She's having a boy!


| DECEMBER 4, 2017 | Dermatology workshop! So fun working with our hands and finally putting to use what we learned in the classroom. Felt like Dr. Pimplepopper lol. 


| DECEMBER 16, 2017 | Kennedy Austin Foundation Toy Drive! Some of us volunteered our time to sort, organize and handed out gifts to the children and families of the Pomona Community. Special appearance by The Grinch (our class president)! 


| DECEMBER 18, 2017 | Study selfie! Man, this was the last week of finals (we had three full weeks of it). Honestly, it was so hard to find the motivation to study. I gotta keep it real on here - I had good grades for all my courses so I felt as if I didn't need to put in as much energy into it. As you know, my GPA has never exceeded 3.4 and I have NEVER been a straight A's student. During this finals season, I was on the cusp of an A or B for many classes. GAH. I was half going for it and half meh. In the end, I didn't stress myself out to earn those As. In PA school, it doesn't matter the grade you get, as long as you pass! Our official grades come out soon - keep y'all posted!


| DECEMBER 20 - 21, 2017 | Red reflexes present lol. Downtown Fullerton to celebrate the end of our First Semester! What a wild ride it has been so far and it's only the beginning. Love my classmates so much and I'm so proud of us!


Thanks for catching up with me! Stay tuned for more!


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