Here are my GRE tips!

  • Check which programs require GRE scores and jot down their school code , create a spreadsheet for yourself!

  • Register at least 1 month in advance so you have options for testing sites

  • Some programs require self-reported GRE scores on the CASPA before you e-submit, although it is not a requirement of CASPA to e-submit. If you do not self report them, your application may not even be considered by some programs. Check with individual programs for details

  • Competitive GRE scores average around 300 and scores above a 310 have been considered to be very competitive. This averages to about a 150 and 150 on the math and verbal sections, respectively. Mine was 305

  • On test day, be sure to bring a list of 4 school recipients and enter them after you finish. If you do not select score recipients, you will have to pay US$27 per recipient to have scores sent at a later date

My experience:

  • I scheduled mine a month in advance but I didn’t study until two weeks before :( I was a big time procrastinator.

  • Download the Magoosh app onto your phone - this helped me with vocabulary!

  • I borrowed my friend’s Kaplan Comprehensive Self-Study for the GRE book that included the flashcards pictured above and online access to courses and tests

  • Do the PRACTICE TESTS! This is what ultimately got me through the GRE. It was tough to sit down for 4 hours straight but it worked! So find them online if you can!

  • Honestly, I didn’t know a handful of vocab on the GRE but Magoosh and Kaplan prep book taught me how to approach words I didn’t know!


Supplemental Applications

Supplemental Applications