How I Manage My Time During PA School

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This is Google Calendar and it is everything! Our class has a master Google Calendar (the one above) and we have our Class Secretary add and edit when necessary! Every class, every meeting, every quiz, every university event, every volunteer opportunity and every exam is on here! I have this app on my phone and I simply cannot live without it! I am able to schedule 'Reminders' of when to study for certain classes (burgundy) and see when the next quiz and exam are (red). Highly recommend this for keeping track of time!

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I love this time keeper app called Forest. It's $1.99 on mobile devices and it was just added as a Google Chrome Extension for laptops! 

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It's a great tool for staying focused! I usually 'plant a tree' for 25 minutes, then take a 5 minute break and then plant another tree! The more trees you plant, the bigger your forest grows! WesternU DO student, Paul Cho (@healthpaulicy) introduced me to this app and I've been using it ever since! I use it for studying, getting work done and during class time! 

These are my MUST-HAVES for PA school! Check them out!


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