Applying & Reapplying to PA School

Applying & Reapplying to PA School


The new cycle for CASPA is just around the corner! April 26, 2018 to be exact! Down below is a little checklist of things to keep in mind as the cycle opens up! Reapplicants, you are seasoned for this next cycle! Be sure to learn from your mistakes from the last one (if you made any) and submit early! Request for feedback from the programs so you can improve your application more effectively! 



  • Read all the directions for each program you are applying for! I used PAEAonline PA Program Directory to search for programs!


  • Create an Excel sheet or use Google Sheets to keep everything organized! I used these to keep track of all my hours for PCE, volunteering, shadowing and for all program requirements!


  • Keep all your academic transcripts in one place! I love Google Drive for this! I scanned in all my transcripts and saved them all on there. This helped me immensely when I had to enter in my grades into CASPA. Also, I saved all things PA into my Google Drive!


  • Start asking for LORs as soon as you can ~ read this for tips on LORs!


  • Get started on your Personal Statement! Or edit and revise with the help of this PS Guide Have people critique your PS - this is super important!


  • Be mindful of deadlines! Check and double-check the deadlines and make them visible on your Excel sheet or Google Sheets!


  • Secondary applications - read here for more information!



  • Lastly, if you're strapped for cash, apply for CASPA fee waivers at the very beginning of the cycle! You can find it in the menu options when you create your account- if I'm not mistaken! They have a limited amount of waivers each cycle so apply early!


Down below, is a document I give to all the Pre-PA clubs I meet with and speak at! Hope it helps!

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Beginning of Second Semester

Beginning of Second Semester

How I Manage My Time During PA School

How I Manage My Time During PA School