Second Semester of PA School - Completed!

Second Semester of PA School - Completed!


Hey Hey HEY! Here's another round-up of my semester! Hope this gives you some insight into what it's like to be a PA student :) I love doing these mini recaps because it's like an online journal! Enjoy! Also, here’s a list of the classes this past semester: Clinical Skills II, Physical Assessment II, HPDP II, Adult Medicine II, Structure & Function II, Pediatrics II, Pharmacology II, Pathophysiology II, Inter-professional Education II, Genetics & Metabolism and Research Methods.



| MARCH 21, 2018 | Spring Break! The only thing we planned for our break - churro sundaes! Ridges Churro Bar is a traveling food truck that we follow on Instagram and they just so happen to be in Covina that week! Strawberry shortcake & classic cinnamon!


| MARCH 22, 2018 | Instagram brought Amber and I together! It's crazy to have virtual friends that evolve into REAL ones! We wanted to answer all your CASPA questions because the new cycle was opening up in the next month! We had some technical difficulties but we answered as many questions as we could!


| MARCH 23, 2018 | A San Diego mini getaway that was absolutely perfect. We explored Raffy's hometown and had a little stay-cation at a North Park Airbnb. Visited Old Town SD Historic Park and Sunset Cliffs Natural Park! Super thankful for him ❤️. 


| MARCH 25, 2018 | Rotations Lottery System - GAHHH. So much anxiety and adrenaline all at the same time. At WesternU, we are SO LUCKY to be able to rank our rotation schedules! We have around 11 rotations and 2 of those are electives (aka any specialty we want!). We ranked our preferred schedules and then we were able to trade our schedules with classmates.

Here's my strategy: 1. I wanted both my electives towards the end of my schedule so that they may hopefully lead to job offers!  2. Specialties within the schedule was also important to me. Some schedules had Hematology, Cardiology, Orthopedic, Urology, & Pediatric Neurology embedded in them. I went with the schedules that didn't have these specialities. 3. Preceptor reviews were another factor for me. I took these with a grain of salt though; students' experiences can vary! 4. Location mattered to me too. I didn't select the far rotations like Apple Valley, San Jose or San Diego. 

We also have the ability to create Student Generated Rotations (SGRs) for those electives! I'm trying my best to make one of those Neurosurgery and the other one Derm! I'm very happy with the rotation schedule I got and so are my classmates!

| MARCH 31, 2018 | Big Bear Lake Retreat! I joined Raffy's dance team Culture Shock Los Angeles on their weekend retreat . We collaborated on so many mindful activities that included morning meditation, group stretch yoga, and personal growth activities like the ones you see above. This was a much needed pause in my life. So thankful. 


| APRIL 2, 2018 | High Fitness workout after a full day of classes. Shout out to Molly for having so much energy! We are all so grateful for her!


| APRIL 7, 2018 | Pre-PA Conference at Marshall B Ketchum University! When social media brings awesome, like-minded individuals together - BAM. Thank you Anthony Gauthier, PA-C for having us at our program's booths. We connected with so many pre-PAs that day and answered as many questions as we could! So many photo ops too! I had a blast and it's always a thrill to meet you guys in person. 


| APRIL 14, 2018 |Mt. Baldy for Bre's birthday! We took a ski lift to the very top and enjoyed lunch and birthday cake! It was a nice change up from studying!


| APRIL 23, 2018 | My 6th COACHELLA. What a spur of the moment and last minute decision (thanks to my classmates encouragement)! I had a ton of fun seeing my favorite artists under the desert sun and with the best of friends. They even drove me straight to class on that Monday after the festival! Living my best life. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 9.53.06 AM.png

| MAY 1, 2018 |Hey guys, how’s it going? Truth be told, I’m really tired. These 4+ weeks of finals are really draining and we have 2.5 weeks left until our break! Despite my dwindling motivation to study, I’m going to push through! This insta community has been such a positive outlet for me. So for that, I thank you!


| MAY 5, 2018 | JazmineK_PA turns 1! 

O N E  Y E A R  ago, I started my Instagram account with the ambition to help pre-PAs navigate their way into PA school. My goal was to share my journey, my mistakes, my failures and my successes with pre-PAs. At the same time, I wanted to document my new chapter and share it with everyone. 

Fast forward to now and OMG I am in awe of how vast this community is and how many of you are accompanying me along my journey! I have met so many of you in person and in the flesh- you guys are so driven and awesome! When PA school gets hectic, I turn to this community and I am reminded of why I started. THANK YOU SO MUCH. FROM THE APEX OF MY MATCHA FILLED HEART 💚 


| MAY 7, 2018 | Physician Assistants of Tomorrow club at UCRiverside. Ari and I went back to our alma mater (I went to UCR for two years then USC) to speak about our experiences applying to PA school. I wish we had this club around when we went to UCR! Nonetheless, it's awesome to see so many aspiring PAs on this journey! 


| MAY 16, 2018 | Studied for our LAST PHARM FINAL EVER. A full month of final exams finally came to an end! It was so tough to stay motivated when you're so exhausted. My classmates felt the same way and it made it much easier to trek through. WOO!


| MAY 24, 2018 |One week break and then its Summer Session! A couple of us went to Little Tokyo in Downtown LA to hang out, have hot dogs and beers and explored Clifton's. It's always a great time hanging out with classmates outside of the classroom and study sessions. Cheers to completing another semester! 


My Favorite Study Cafés

My Favorite Study Cafés

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JazmineK_PA's Essentials for PA School