Tips for Pre-PA & PA Students

Tips for Pre-PA & PA Students


Here are my tips for Pre-PAs:

  • Accrue as many PCE hours as you can!

  • Read all the directions for each program you are applying for!

  • Create an Excel sheet or use Google Sheets to keep everything organized! I used these to keep track of all my hours for PCE, volunteering, shadowing and for all program requirements!

  • Keep all your academic transcripts and CASPA documents in one place! I love Google Drive for this!

  • Volunteer as much as you can, medical and non-medical.

  • Start asking for LORs as soon as you can.

  • Write a powerful Personal Statement and have others review it!

  • Be mindful of deadlines! Check and double-check the deadlines and make them visible on your Excel sheet or Google Sheets!

  • Put time into your Secondary applications as much as your primary CASPA application.

  • Do Mock Interviews for interview preparation!

  • Lastly, if you're strapped for cash, apply for CASPA fee waivers at the very beginning of the cycle! You can find it in the menu options when you create your account.  They have a limited amount of waivers each cycle so apply early!



My tips for PA students:

  • Be adaptive and be open to different learning styles and methods

  • Ask for help from your classmates, faculty and mentor

  • Utilize academic triage and your Google Calendar

  • Practice self-care (mind, body, and soul) a couple times per week

  • Sleep, just sleep

  • Utilize all your resources (Learning center at your program, faculty, YouTube, Apps, Quizlet)

  • Take out loans and apply for scholarships

  • Spend time with family, friends and classmates when you can!

  • Volunteer during the weekends and apply your skills!

  • Do something fun with your classmates at least once a semester!

  • And if you have time for it, do something for you, something you enjoy (Mine is social media outreach!)


You can always reach out through social media~ DM me on Instagram!


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Summer Semester - Done!

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