Summer Semester - Done!

Summer Semester - Done!


Here’s another recap of how my semester went! We only had 8 weeks in this short semester and it was INTENSE! We had OBGYN, Psychosocial Dynamics, Emergency Med, Geriatrics, Professional Roles & Responsibilities, Healthcare Delivery Systems, Clinical Education and Senior Seminar! 8 classes in 8 weeks!

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| MAY 31, 2018 | Another IG LIVE with my two favorite DO students! Since we had two full semesters under us, we wanted to share our experiences thus far! We debunked some myths about PA and DO school and talked about study tips and application advice. Perhaps another IG live soon!


| MAY 31, 2018 | High Fitness every week kept us sweaty and less stressed! Can’t thank Molly enough for teaching us and for getting us to work out in the midst of studying and exams!


| JUNE 9, 2018 | New hair, who dis?? It’s been so so long since I’ve done anything to my hair! I was platinum blonde at one point and had to make it dark due to interviews. I decided to cut it short and ombre it! Hair by Kelly at KutHaus in Glendora :)


| JUNE 10, 2018 |Yee-haw!! A couple of us went to a country bar to line-dance! It was so much fun seeing the pros do their thing! We had so much fun learning and dancing with each other!


| JUNE 18, 2018 | Yes, we are breaking sterile technique in this picture haha. We learned how to correctly glove and gown during this workshop and also how to scrub into surgery! About a year ago, I saw pictures of the second-year PA students in this exact same workshop. It blows my mind that it’s our turn!


| JUNE 21, 2018 | Happy Birthday Yasmin! We had an amazing Filipino Kaymayan dinner after a long week of Geriatrics Exam, Emergency Med Exam and a Psychosocial quiz. I did a quick IG Live right beforehand and this was the best way to end the day. This was so delicious!


| JUNE 25, 2018 | I applied to another scholarship and this one was fun to write for! It asked me to outline my goals for the next few years and it was exhilarating to see my thoughts on screen. Here’e what I wrote down:

2019- graduate the PA program,  pass the PANCE, work in Neurosurgery / Urgent Care, continue work on social media

2020- continue with CMEs, continue advocating for PAs through social media

2021- continue working in neurosurgery and community health center

2022- continue my education with a doctorate at Lynchburg College?

These are possible goals - may or may not happen!


| JUNE 26, 2018 | Picmonic Webinar! What an honor it was to be interviewed by Ron the CEO of Picmonic. As you all know, I used this program for all my pharmacology and some adult medicine studies. The webinar is now on YouTube and you can watch it here!

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| JUNE 29, 2018 |Had some fun with Carter and this #AwesomeHumans campaign for Figs. Thank you to Figs for sending me this super soft T-shirt and the amazing sweatband (not pictured)! Cherishing moments like these in between study sessions. As always, thank you Raffy for capturing this.

From Instagram: TWO MORE WEEKS and we’re done with our First year of PA school! One more week of classes and then it’s finals week! We’re so so close and I’m so excited for our 1 month break in August! At the moment, I’m putting together something for our class and it’s got my creative juices flowing! I have the best classmates and I can’t wait to see what the final product will look like! Carter’s expression = Me right now :) 


| JULY 4, 2018 | Happy Fourth of July! Yes, we had the day off but of course we’re studying! We had a Pediatric Emergency Med exam the very next day. Arielle and I went back to Brunch Coffee after a long hiatus. We got their matcha latte, brown sugar latte and zucchini bread! Unfortunately, they switched the owners at Bunch - so their items may have changed.


| JULY 15, 2018 | New coffee shop discovery! Ventana Coffee in Covina is owned by a lovely couple. Support local businesses and check out this awesome study spot. If you’re interested, you can find all my favorite study spots here.


| JULY 17, 2018 | From my Instagram: On Monday, we have a 300 questions final exam that mimics the PANCE. HOLY MOLY. *a little nervous and anxious! We’ve been using this question bank program called PAeasy to practice and it’s more like PAmedium and PAhard lol. Our program provides PAeasy and Kaplan Question Banks for us so that we can practice as much as we need to in preparation for the real PANCE exam :)


| JULY 19, 2018 | Today, we spent our afternoons visiting the residents at Mt. San Antonio Gardens! We took patient histories, assessed for Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and Instrumental ADLs, & performed cognitive, hearing, depression and insomnia assessments! More REAL patients! I really enjoyed watching my classmates interact with the residents - they’re amazing and I learned so much from the whole experience! PS. this is just half of our cohort!


| JULY 20, 2018 | Here’s what this week looked like! The following week was FINALS! Yes, I went to a Kaskade concert right before the big week, but it was so worth it! I studied the weekend before to make up for the time - and it all worked out! Plan ahead if you have an event you REALLY want to go to and don’t want to miss! It’s possible in PA school, you just got to plan it out!


| JULY 23, 2018 | Last finals week with my Insta-Hubby & PA wife Ari ! Couldn’t have survived this past year without you ❤️ Cheers to the hype songs, coffee shops, churro dates, dancing after each semester, photoshoots, allergy attacks (lol jk), food dates & motivational talks during the rough times. We did it!


| JULY 27, 2018 | ✨ P A - S 2 ✨ Your girl is now officially a SECOND YEAR PA STUDENT! How fast was that?! Thank you so much for getting this far in my blog. I really do appreciate YOU reading this content! Next up: Rotations!


Rotation # 1 : Urgent Care

Rotation # 1 : Urgent Care

Tips for Pre-PA & PA Students

Tips for Pre-PA & PA Students