Rotation #7 : OBGYN

Rotation #7 : OBGYN

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Here are the details~

Specialty: OB/GYN

Schedule: Monday - Friday 8:30am-4pm

How it went down~

To be honest, this rotation started out rocky. Rocky in the sense that I felt SO incompetent and so frustrated (more on my highlights on IG). The learning curve was super steep with this particular preceptor. However, by the end of the second week, I was much better at using the ultrasound machine, doing Paps, assisting with colposcopies, IUD insertion and removals.

What I really enjoyed was how much this preceptor taught. We were given different topics each day to research and present. In a way, I was studying without actually studying. We went over the following topics (I typed the topic + Mayo Clinic into google) :

postpartum hemorrhage and obstetrical injuries, premature membrane rupture, abortion (threatened, inevitable, incomplete, complete, missed, elective, spontaneous), ectopic pregnancy, placenta previa and abruptio, pre-eclampsia and eclampsia, diabetes and pregnancy, rubella and pregnancy, abnormal uterine bleeding, cancers, menstrual abnormalities, menopause, recognition of abnormal labor, fetal distress, indications for cesarean section, common gynecological infections including pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, prolapse, ovarian cysts, DIC, and so much more.

I feel relatively confident in my OB ultrasounding skills now. Woo! I also really enjoyed scrubbing into Cesarean and vaginal deliveries! Going back into the OR was bliss to me.

Helpful videos :

Fetal Ultrasound Live Demo

Cesarean delivery Step by Step

Senior Seminar Exam

Each month we have two exams where we have to return to campus on a Friday and Monday. For this month’s SS exam, we were tested on Neurology & Psychiatric Disorders. I used my first-year notes, Pance Prep Pearls, and asked my classmates how they studied.

End of Rotation Exam

For this month, I relied on my clinical experience and relied heavily on PPP. What’s also helpful is the blueprint on PAEA.

To see more of my day to day on this rotation, check out my March 2019 OBGYN highlights on Instagram!


March Meet-Up

This month’s meet up was in Monterey Park and quite a few of you showed up! It was so great to put faces to IG handles. My old co-worker (now PA-S), and two PA-Cs attended! We spent the time sharing advice, experiences and positivity. I even raffled off a free mentoring session! We had so much engagement, that I forgot to snap a picture, darn! Hopefully, I will remember at the next one.

Next Meet-Up!

Next: Rotation #8 - Dermatology!


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