Rotation #8 : Dermatology

Rotation #8 : Dermatology


Here are the details~

Specialty: Dermatology

Schedule: Monday - Friday 9-5pm

How it went down~

Probably my second favorite rotation so far and here’s why: PROCEDURES. Got really familiar and comfortable with sutures, injections, cryotherapy, hyfrecation/electrosurgery, excisions, and punch biopsies. We assisted in Mohs surgeries and saw some pretty rare skin conditions. It was a fast-paced clinic - but so fun!

The doc had his lab right next door so we were able to see the lab technician freeze the divided tissue from our Mohs patients, slice and stained them for microscope viewing. More on Mohs surgery here.

Senior Seminar Exam

Each month we have two exams where we have to return to campus on a Friday and Monday. For this month’s SS exam, we were tested on Rheumatology, Musculoskeletal and Infectious Diseases. I used my first-year notes, Pance Prep Pearls, Quizlet and asked my classmates how they studied.

End of Rotation Exam

For this month, I relied on my clinical experience and relied heavily on PPP. What’s also helpful is the blueprint on PAEA.

To see more of my day to day on this rotation, check out my April 2019 Dermatology highlights on Instagram!

April Meet-Up

This month’s meet up was in Whittier and quite a few of you showed up! It was so great to put faces to IG handles. I love when attendees meet each other and share experiences. I even gained some useful interview tips from one of my attendees working in financial planning!


Next Meet-Up!

Next: Rotation #9 - Internal Medicine!


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