Rotation #9 : Internal Medicine

Rotation #9 : Internal Medicine

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Here are the details~

Specialty: Internal Medicine Outpatient

Schedule: Monday - Friday 9-5pm

How it went down~

Man. This is the second time I’ve had IM as a rotation and it just didn’t click for me. It wasn’t a terrible month at all - don’t get me wrong. I just can’t see myself working in IM 🤷🏻‍♀️I got more comfortable with disease processes like diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia this month. I also got comfortable with how this particular preceptor dealt with coughs and colds. Treatment and choices of medications seem to differ from clinic to clinic in my experience. Once again, I was in outpatient IM which means that I wasn’t able to go into the hospital - this felt like a Family Medicine rotation essentially and I was okay with that. From my surgery rotation, I found out that rounding on patients wasn’t my thing lol so missing out on inpatient IM was fine with me!

End of Rotation Exam

For this month, I relied on my clinical experience. I straight-up got lazy and I didn’t study as much as I should’ve for this EOR exam. I didn’t do so well on this exam but I made sure to study more for the next one!

Blueprint on PAEA is always a great source for focus. Pance Prep Pearls is always a great resource too!

To see more of my day to day on this rotation, check out my May 2019 Internal Medicine highlights on Instagram!

May Meet-Up

This month’s meet up was in Artesia at Baker’s & Baristas. I collaborated with my good friend, Betty from NoMoon Travel and shared a great afternoon meeting people from all over SoCal! I was able to give some of my attendees goodies from Figs and NoMoon Travel :)

Next Meet-Up!

Next: Rotation #10 - Emergency Medicine (eek)!


Rotation #10 : Emergency Medicine

Rotation #10 : Emergency Medicine

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