Rotation #11 : Facial Plastic Surgery / ENT

Rotation #11 : Facial Plastic Surgery / ENT

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Here are the details~

Specialty: Facial Plastic Surgery / Otolaryngology

Schedule: Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 5/6 pm

How it went down~

This was MY FINAL ROTATION and my Student Generated Rotation (SGR). Meaning that I created this rotation all on my own. It required a ton of paperwork but it was well worth the effort. I really enjoyed this rotation and learned so much from my preceptor. We covered the majority of disease processes in Otolaryngology aka Ears, Nose and Throat. I also had the opportunity to scrub into Facial Plastic and ENT surgical cases.

As you know, I LOVE surgery and the operating room. It felt like second nature when donning on gloves and assisting. More info about my other surgery rotation here. On top of the surgical aspect of this rotation, I was able to observe injectables. I didn’t have the chance to do them myself but I’m interested in learning more. For example, botox injections were used to treat migraines, create symmetry for facial paralysis patients and for cosmetic reasons.

Plastic Surgery Suturing and Instrument Video

I treated this month like an interview, like I do for other rotations but this one ESPECIALLY. I wanted a job offer before the end of the month and made sure to study ear, nose, throat, head and neck surgeries, etc. I was working with different department heads and wanted to make the best impression. Like, I ACTUALLY studied the different surgical cases we had for the next day so that I was prepared for pimping. I looked up common clinic presentations and studied those too. I think I made a good impression ~ sigh of relief! I went through 10 interviews towards the end of the month and my preceptor gave me the verbal job offer!!

HECK YES! Next step was to pass the PANCE and then the paperwork part of things will commence!

End of Rotation Exam

So since this is a super sub-specialty… My program had their own exam for me. It was a Plastic Surgery EOR exam.. so I didn’t know how to prepare. I didn’t feel the best after the exam.. like I felt like I barely passed. I don’t think I checked on my grade.. but I completed the program so… I passed!

To see more of my day to day on this rotation, check out my July 2019 Facial Plastic/ENT highlights on Instagram!

The LAST Meet-Up


Last meet-up was a huge success! Thank you pre-PAs, their supporters, my supporters (sis, mom, aunt), nurses, vets, first-year PA students, second-year PA-S and badass PA-Cs for attending! Special shout out to my returners that have attended 4-5 meet ups! I overheard so many deep convos and such great advice from every group. ⁣

My goal and intentions were: Meet like-minded, motivated people in real life, share your mistakes and successes and support one another. Engage, network and grow throughout this journey!⁣

Special thank yous to @wearfigs for all the goodies & @ventanacoffee for hosting us!⁣

If you want meet-ups in your area, search around for some ~ if you can't find any, create your own! I love hosting and facilitating at coffee shops. Who knows... maybe more meet-ups in the future??⁣

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT. PA school is now complete! Be sure to watch my highlights on IG for all my rotation re-caps! Thank you for keeping up with me!


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