“I thought our session was very informative and gave me great insight on how to improve my interview technique. I think in a process that has so many avenues and areas in which you can fall short on and make improvements in, it is extremely important to receive honest input on which areas require more of your attention; you did exactly that for me. After applying two times and being waitlisted and rejected, it is easy to have doubt in yourself. You made me understand exactly which area needs improvement and gave me specific criticism and guidance on how to become a better interviewee. Being that you were in my position before, you were able give me small tips that I had not received, even after doing mock interviews and reading PA prep books. I think the interview process is extremely daunting and you simplified it and broke down some key pointers that I should include in my answers. I'm hoping to utilize your tips and continue honing in on my interview skills, should I choose to apply again this cycle.” -KP

“First of all, immediately when I was speaking I can feel positive vibrations and energy so I really appreciate that. For me, I kinda feel like I knew where I need to improve on but, with your past experiences and research you confirmed my thoughts on what I need to work on. I needed help with finding shadowing and volunteering  hours and you provided me with lots of good information on that. My phone session with you just fully recharged me.” -DP