JazmineK_PA's Essentials for PA School

JazmineK_PA's Essentials for PA School


Hey there! I've decided to compile a whole list of things that I feel are essential for your first year of PA school! These are the items that I personally use every day if not, every week! I'll list some alternatives down below. Hope this helps, and congrats on PA school! 

Disclosure: JazmineK_PA works with affiliate programs and may promote products or services. This means that if you click and/or purchase something from certain websites that have been linked, I may make commission from it. Got to keep it real! Note that I will only link to products that I have tried, have been using, and believe you would enjoy!

Tech & Gadgets

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  1. Laptop - I use this every day for taking exams, writing papers, emails, etc.! I own the MacBook Pro with touch bar and I can honestly say that I could've done it without the touch bar. My classmates have various laptop brands (Lenovo, Dell, HP, LG), so don't feel the need to purchase Apple if you're not comfortable! For my laptop cover, I use a vinyl skin from Dbrand in white leather!

  2. 10.5 inch iPad Pro 64GB with Apple Pencil & Fintie Case with Pencil Holder - I LOVE my iPad and pencil sooooo much. I use it for all my courses and for other things like choreographing dance routines. Check out my YouTube video on how I use it for PA school! Also, one of my classmates owns the older iPad and uses the Adonit stylus - he loves it! 

  3. Sony WH‑1000XM2 Bluetooth Wireless Over‑Ear Headphones - My amazing boyfriend gifted these to me for my birthday and they are the absolute best! It costs a pretty penny, but I know Costco Warehouse sells a different model but for way cheaper!

  4. Apps - Picmonic, Notability, Forest App, Blackboard, Google Calendar, Google Drive & Quizlet - These are my must-haves on my iPad & phone! Check my later posts to find out more about how I use them!

Side note: I do own a Second series Apple Watch but I don't believe it's necessary for PA school. An old school analog watch will work, especially for vital signs and what not. I suggest getting one that's more affordable and has a second hand on it! 


Backpack Essentials

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  1. Backpack - Nike SB RPM - I love my backpack, there are so many pockets inside and a huge padded compartment for my laptop & iPad. I highly suggest a backpack with a built-in sleeve or section to safeguard your laptop.

  2. PA Badge Reel from Etsy - I love this simple, wooden badge reel! When we're on campus and interacting with other programs, it's very clear to others that I'm a PA student!

  3. Zenni Optical Blue Blockers & EyeBuyDirect Ember Blue Blockers THESE are a MUST! Since we stare at screens all day, these blue blockers really help prevent eye fatigue! These are super affordable and you can choose from a variety of frames, with or without prescription. The blue blocker option is around $16 and it's so worth it!

  4. Hydroflask - One for water and one for hot tea or coffee! It's important to stay hydrated!

  5. Carabiners - I have two of these on my backpack. One to secure my hydroflask to my backpack and one for my car keys.

  6. Pencil box - I bought this from Daiso (Japanese version of 99 cent store) and I love it for all my pencils, pens, highlighters and my small stapler!

  7. Whoosh Glass Cleaner - Necessary! For all my screens and glasses!

  8. Mesh pouches - I use these pouches to organize my backpack; putting all my chargers, adapters, & cables in it. These are also from Daiso!

  9. Silk iPhone Wallet Case - Love this durable case that is also my wallet! I have this phone case prior to PA school and I love it still!



  1. Nursemates Medical Bag - So many pockets for absolute everything! I can even fit my iPad and MacBook in this! I highly recommend this bag and also this one on Amazon!

  2. Nursemates Align Velocity & Faxon - These are my every day, go to school, working out, hiking, clinical shoes! The arch support is amazing and my feet don't hurt at the end of the day! I wear a size 6 and they're just perfect!

  3. Medelita Ionic Scrub Jacket XS - I honestly wear this everywhere I go. It keeps me warm while I'm in class and while I'm in lab. It's the best gift for any one!

  4. Medelita Element Scrubs (Horizon scrub top with Delta scrub pants, both in XS) & FIGS scrubs (Catarina scrub top with Petite Yola pants, both in XS) I’m 5’2, I wanna dance with you… haha brownie points if you get the reference, anyway, I’m 5’2 fun sized. These are both top-quality scrubs and both offer embroidery! FIGSxJazmineK for 15% off :)

  5. Brands - Amazon, H&M, Uniqlo & Forever 21 - Uniqlo is my go-to shop for all things business-wear! Super affordable and perfect for my short statue because of Uniqlo's Japanese origin. What's even better, they hem in store and within a few hours! Meaning, you can shop around at the mall and pick up your garments on the same day. Jeans are free but other pants are $5 to hem.


Miscellaneous & DISCOUNTS

  1. Pance Prep Pearls - Wait until you actually start school before you purchase! Contact the company and set up a group buy for your class and you will all save some money! Pro-Tip: Have your PPP spiral bounded at FedEx Kinko's. This makes flipping pages and studying so much easier! Also, be sure to call FedEx Kinko's beforehand and make sure they offer this service! It was about $8 for a frosted front cover and blue back cover with spiral binding.

  2. Spotify Student discount - MUST DO! Once you receive your student email, SIGN UP! This is my main source of music and it's the best!! $4.99 a month, on a student budget, it can't be beat!

  3. Mindbody App - I'm not much of a gym person, however, I love taking classes (pole, Lyra, hoop, barre, Bikram yoga and kickboxing). This app has everything! I'm able to load my purchased passes on here and book classes whenever!

  4. Ebates - This is also a must use! I shop online almost exclusively and I get money in return by using this site! It's honestly the best and the real deal, don't be scared! They alert me to 1-20% cash back deals and it's crazy to receive money in the mail for shopping online.

  5. UniDays for student discounts - More discounts!

As always, I have many discount codes listed on my Collaborations page :)

Okay y'all, I think this is everything so far! If I remember more things, I will add to this list! Also, don't feel like you need to get everything in this post. Start PA school, feel it out for a couple of days and then use this post for reference!

More on my Amazon page!

For all the incoming PA students, CONGRATS! 


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Second Semester of PA School - Completed!

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